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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> it start as a protest and game a real memorial. >> an east bay community gathers to remember the military fallen. >> reporter: about 50 or so people came out here to the crosses at lafayette here. they played music. nay read poems, but more importantly, they paid their respects to the soldiers who have fought and died for this country. [ singing ] >> it's amazing how many people i meet who say well i drove by every year for five years.
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i drove by on the freeway or i went by the park, but i never came close to the memorial, but when they do come up close and look up on the hillside, it is almost like a tidal waive of emotion coming towards you. >> we come out here every memorial day. >> what kind of emotions do you feel looking up at the hill? >> sadness. [ singing ] >> real sadness. >> heartbreaking. there are people who come every year, gold star mothers, blue star mothers. veterans, and, it's such an incredibly passionate community. >> these young men and women ... they are the people who caught the bullets. they are the people who, you know, have taken the risk, and, we owe them regardless of whether we think we should have been there or not.
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we owe them the best we can give them. >> reporter: and the organizers of the event out here tell me there are plans in the works to eventually put a va hospital on the other side of this hill. but on this day, memorial day, it was all about respecting and honoring those who lost their lives in war. reporting kron 4 news. >> today steps from where these americans lie in eternal peace, we are glad as a proud and grateful nation their sacrifice will never be forgotten. >> coming up at 11:15, president obama pays tribute to the men and women who died and a look at more memorial day events in the bay area. a deadly crash in colma
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resulted in the deaths of three people. alicia reed has more from hillside boulevard the growing vigil. >> reporter: hillside boulevard has opened after nearly 12 hours. family members of the fallen have waited hours to get to the site of the accident to set up a memorial. this vigil is set up at the spot the three victims lost their lives. they were killed instantly. as friends and family console each other, jesus haro tells us about the deadly collision. >> we saw the alarm go off. we saw a guy go up to the lady to see if she is alive still. so i guess she didn't say nothing back so he walked to the cemetery and walked all the way down and he didn't come back up. when we came down the stairs there was a body laying there
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and when they told us it was a girl, that is why we knew why he was saying baby. >> reporter: driver paul diaz turned himself into the police later today. he was charged with hit and run and vehicular plan slaughter. when his mustang hit a wall, it split in two and the bodies all went in different directions. in colma, alicia reed, kron 4 news. now we will show you where this accident happened. it was right here in colma just southeast of daly city. the crash on hillside boulevard. a lot of cemeteries in this area between lawndale boulevard and saramote boulevard. both vehicles were heading north. the mustang rear ended the honda, the honda hit a retaining wall on the west side of the road.
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the mustang hitting a retaining wall on the east side and that collision with the wall is what police say caused the mustang to split in half. i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. we are learning more about the woman killed during the car crash over the weekend. sarah klein, these are her pictures, was burlesque per stormer. she was known as sparkly devil. her husband, now in critical condition was driving at the time. the couple had been drinking. they are waiting on lab results to decide on whether to charge her husband with vehicular homicide. three teenagers are in the hospital after slamming into a tree in san jose. it slammed into a large tree outside a goodwill store. the male driver is said toe have lost his foot in the
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crash. early reports from the officers say they smelled alcohol in the car leading them to leave that drinking may have led to the accident. the california highway patrol says 15 people died in traffic related accidents in the state between friday evening and monday morning. that's up from 11 deaths during the same time last year, here in the bay area, 6 people have died in four separate traffic accidents over the weekend. the chp says last year, there was only one fatality. they compared dui arrests in the bay area. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: drunk driving arrests are actually down this year. 1,133 drivers were arrested for dui down from 1,161 arrests last year over memorial day weekend. here in the bay area, 165dui arrests one less than 2012. these were only from friday
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ianing through monday morning. we are accepting new information on tuesday. in san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4 news. rain is falling across the bay area tonight. a band of rain moving from the west to the east. right now, light rain between san francisco and san jose all the way up and down highway 101. most of this is light but a few pockets of heavier rain in the mix. also into the east bay, concord, antioch. dublin and livermore. this is moving to the east at about 30 miles per hour so we will see it out of here in the next one or two hours. tomorrow morning, lots of fog and clouds and drizzle but we will clear things out for the afternoon. and it will be warmer, warm arillatedder this week as well. i will have the rest of the forecast coming up. also coming up tonight, a rash of murders in san jose happening just hours apart this weekend. details ahead. plus, a dramatic rescue caught
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>> it was a violent holiday weekend for a san jose. three homicides. numbers of 17, 18, and 19 of the year happened hours apart. first 10:00 p.m. sunday night at hayes court. paramedics arrived. they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim died at the scene a short time later. another shooting later sunday evening at 6:30. two males were dunned gown near rhrine heart drive. the shooter is described as a hispanic male that escaped on a bicycle. coming up, the giants take on the as . we have those highlights for you and a little reaction. the sharks and the kings.
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a little preview straight ahead in sports. >> more rain coming down light to moderate. in hayward and union city coming up. >> kron 4 programming is sponsored by mercedes-benz. look at 'em.
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>> five fighters successfully lifted a horse out of a 25-foot well after the animal had fallen in that well and struggled to swim. the horse, named buddy, fell in
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the well in a ranch near san rafael. fire crews filled the well with water to help the horse float. buddy stepped on a board covering the well and fell through. but look what they did. a big collection of people slipped fire hoses under him for support and hoisted him out by a crane. a vet says buddy appears to be okay. well memorial day is a day of remembering the men and women whoa died while serving in the united states armed forces. president obama was at arlington national cemetery today and there were special events l around the country. >> reporter: people wore hands at the arlington national cemetery. president obama describing the cemetery as a quiet sacred
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place. >> it will be our task every single one of us to honor the strength and the resolve and the love these brave americans felt for each other and our country. >> reporter: today and throughout the month of may, these people have taken part in a national relay walking 2,000 miles to raise money for military families and to remind people of the true meaning of the holiday. among those joining in, the family of a young marine named thomas who served in iraq and afghanistan. >> thomas took his own life in june of 2010. i think a lot of people think of memorial day as the start of summer and we don't really remember what the actual meaning is so i think it is really great to get out there and show everybody there are people who are dying for your freedom so you can celebrate and enjoy your summer and your
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barbecues. >> carrying this flag in this parade. i call it a parade. it's a small parade. i just think that it's, i don't know. it's just one of those things i feel like i'm doing something for tom. >> catherine heenan, kron 4 news. also, the museum in alameda held a ceremony today. people boarded the world war ii vessel for this event. it included with a casting of the wreath into the bay. hundreds of people gathered in oakland at the mountain view cemetery at the patriotic event honoring the the fallen. filled with food and music and a wreath dedicated to the smallen soldiers. and we are getting photographs of our kron 4 viewers of their loved ones that serveed in the
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military. we posted the photographs on our facebook page. this is thomas fogerty from alameda. he got the purple heart and the bronze star medal. he died last year in afghanistan leaving behind his wife and two children. and here is patrick mcaffrey. he died in 2004 serving in iraq. he was born in palo alto and leaving behind a wife and two children. you can share your thoughts and see the pictures of these men and women on the facebook fan page. one of the last rain bands with the weather system coming in off of the pacific now affecting the bay area. light rainfalling with the exception of the north bay. we have drops in san mateo into
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the east bay. a few pockets of heavier rain. all of this is pushing off to the east. roughly 35 miles per hour so that will take this band out of the bay area in about an hour to two hours and we have wet conditions out here at the bay bridge right now. tomorrow morning, a different situation. we will have the gray skies to start, but sunshine for the afternoon. it will be a dry day with gusty winds getting up to 30 or perhaps 40 miles per hour for the afternoon hours. for wednesday, there's another weak weather system arriving but it looks like all the rain is going to be north of the bay area. perhaps a few showers into sonoma county early in the morning. otherwise, clouds for the a.m. and clearing into the afternoon. the rest of the week, it is going to feature a lot of sunshine and much warmer temperatures. it will be a little warmer for tomorrow. look for a low 70s here in the south bay. san jose, 73 degrees. highs, mid 70s , warmest places
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in pittsburgh, antioch, fairfield. oakland going up into the mid 60s . low 60s for san francisco. it will be cool and cloudy by the coast with highs in the 50s . here is the seven-day around the bay. wednesday, an early morning shower in sonoma county. otherwise, early clouds, afternoon sun, and a lot of sun through the rest of the week. very little if any fog and temperatures will soar by the time friday and saturday get here. look for highs in 80s by the bay. inland temperatures closing in on 100 degrees. and you can watch the weather forecast when it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel on comcast channel 123 and on robby rogers made history when he interred the game
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against the seattle founders. he entered as a substitute as the first openly gay male athlete to play major league soccer. the crowd cheered and chanted his name. the giants battle the as in game one of the bay bridge series. jason has highlights straight ahead. plus, the team which eliminated the warriors is now onto the nba finals. jason has that story and all the sports coming up. what makes the sleep number store different?
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>> all right, welcome back everybody, as , giants, four- game set. first two in oakland. both teams wearing special memorial day uniforms to honor the military. 46,000 watches as dan straily strikes out sandoval. he breaks the tie with the two- run homer off madison bumgarner and watch. 2-0 a. bumgarner i , six and two-thirds. here is the almost acroamatic play of the day. cespedes would be fine with adding a two-run double. 4-0as . they won nine of their last ten, the as . >> you don't have to get up for
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these games and final extra adrenaline. we came from ... we have a four-hour flight yesterday and today. the guys are ready to play. >> the spurs spent to time with the memphis grizzlies. game four, tony parker will hit the three-pointer putting the spurs up by six. parker had 37 as the spurs really controlled the game the entire eaching. just under ten minutes to go. tim duncan, 93-86 spurs. they sweep the grizzlies an advance to the finals for the fourth time. they are now 12-2 in the playoffs. only two losses coming against the golden state warriors. they have to wait ten days before they start the nba finals against probably the miami heat, but you never know. the sharks in another must
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win game in la. forcing a seventh and a deciding game with a 2-1 win in san jose. the home team has won every game this series. they are 0-3 at staples center. puck dropped at 5:00. >> they are having fun together. they are seizing the moment, um, and, we don't have to come in as coaches and motivate and give them the one for the thing. it is not that way. it's a good thing for our team. >> tomorrow night's winner get it is winner of the black hawk's red wing series game. 6:00 tonight in detroit. a guy swinging the octopus to fire up the crowd. that is tradition in detroit. key penalty is the black hawk's michael froike. he takes advantage, beats jimmy howard on the back ender. that's the game winner.
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black hawks win 4-3. they tie the series and force a game seven in chicago. no major upsets at the french open today, but a pretty funny and memorable moment involving sergei strokovsky. he takes out his eye phone and tweets a photo. not sure what that is going to do, but pretty originalnyway. the umpire wasn't amused and he lost his match in straight sets. just enough time to tell you duke is the king of college lacrosse. a flag unfurled at lincoln financial field. they take the lead for good on that goal by josh ofett. duke wins 16-10 and it is their second title in the last four years and so the as and the giants will play again at the
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coliseum and two at at&t park. >> the bay series continues. goodnight everybody. see you tomorrow! [ birds chirping ]
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